Saturday, April 16, 2011

TrOuBlE tImEs ThReE

Welcome to our crazy lives with our quirky animals! We have three dogs named Lily, Lucy, and Gracie! They are very precious in our lives and hearts! Lily is our oldest, she is 4 years old and keeps the other two going. She is a very adorable 6 pound Yorkie (you know the kind with all the bows in their hair and a ponytail on top of her head).  Lucy is the middle "child", she is 3 years old and our little drama queen. She is the smallest of all 3 dogs (she only weighs about 4 pounds!!!) Last, but not least, is our latest addition to the family of dog lovers! Her name is Gracie. We adopted her from the SPCA in October and she has blessed our hearts deeply. She is about 8 pounds and is just the sweetest and quirkiest dog we have ever met. We love all of our sweet little animals to death! Stay tuned for our dog adventures (trust me, theres plenty). 

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