Monday, June 27, 2011

Back When...

Lily and her cast
So today, we took Lily and Lucy to the Vet (never a good experience for them, oh and poor little Gracie was left home by herself for the first time). It was the usual check-up, shots, you know, not the big deal. But this certain day reminded me of when Lily was not even a year, she broke her wittle leg :( She wasn't acting the same when it happened about 3 years ago, so we took her to the vet. They told us she broke her leg and put a cast on it, but they didn't have a small enough cast for her little 1 lb. body! So, the whole time she had her cast on, she reminded us of a pirate (like a pegged leg!)! Everytime she would walk on the cement you would hear CLUNK...CLUNK....CLUNK! Sometimes, she would use her cast as a kickstand too. (like the picture!) But don't worry, her leg healed pretty fast because she's really tough! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

CaLLiNg All DaDs

HaPpY fAtHeRs DaY tO aLL tHe DaDs OuT tHeRe!
Lucy on the hedge relaxing like all the dad's out there should be!
Don't forget to thank your dads for all that they do and let them have the day off to relax or do whatever they want to do!  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

OfF tO tHe GrOoMeR

Well, our 3 little babies are off to the grrrroomer today! As usual, Lucy was freaking out in the car. It's not helping either that we dropped them off in the morning; LUCY IS NOT a morning dog! One time we made the bed (she usually nudges her tiny self under the covers) to later realize that we made it with her still in it! It was until about 30 minutes until we realized she was still in there, but guess what! She didn't move the whole time!
     Continuing from our original story about the grrrrroomers, also was acting SUPER weird last night! Usually she sleeps back by the bedrooms, but she was out in the living room... mmhmm. I think she could sense that she was going to the groomer... maybe, just maybeee...

Monday, June 13, 2011

jUsT cHiLLiN

Our beautiful little Gracie (on the left) and Lucy (on the right) are "chilling" on a raft of the pool. Suprisingly Lucy is enjoying herself, usually she has a little mission she sets, to get out of the pool as fast and quickly as possible without getting wet. Gracie on the other hand, oh little miss lazy, just lays there waiting for somebody to go and get her off. Once she gets off though, she acts like she wants to get right back on... who knows what that silly doggie is thinking! I just for once would absolutely love to hear what my animals are saying, wouldn't it be nice! It also could be kind of annoying to with our dogs, lets play ball, ball, ball... (and everything would echo with our 3 babies). Would you like to be able to hear your animals talk?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Click, Click, Click (JuSt WaTcH, Don't Worry You'll Get it)

Gracie in a video! We decided to make another one! Hope you like it! If you want to see any more of our videos go to our youtube  and comment, rate, and subscribe! If you don't have a youtube, we have another option, we have a bar on top just for videos, so check them out!
Thanks so much!