Monday, June 13, 2011

jUsT cHiLLiN

Our beautiful little Gracie (on the left) and Lucy (on the right) are "chilling" on a raft of the pool. Suprisingly Lucy is enjoying herself, usually she has a little mission she sets, to get out of the pool as fast and quickly as possible without getting wet. Gracie on the other hand, oh little miss lazy, just lays there waiting for somebody to go and get her off. Once she gets off though, she acts like she wants to get right back on... who knows what that silly doggie is thinking! I just for once would absolutely love to hear what my animals are saying, wouldn't it be nice! It also could be kind of annoying to with our dogs, lets play ball, ball, ball... (and everything would echo with our 3 babies). Would you like to be able to hear your animals talk?


  1. What a nice way to spend the day! Gracie & Lucy look furry relaxed! Plat bows,


  2. Thanks! We think they enjoyed it for about... maybe.... 2 minutes, then they were like get me off of this!