Thursday, June 16, 2011

OfF tO tHe GrOoMeR

Well, our 3 little babies are off to the grrrroomer today! As usual, Lucy was freaking out in the car. It's not helping either that we dropped them off in the morning; LUCY IS NOT a morning dog! One time we made the bed (she usually nudges her tiny self under the covers) to later realize that we made it with her still in it! It was until about 30 minutes until we realized she was still in there, but guess what! She didn't move the whole time!
     Continuing from our original story about the grrrrroomers, also was acting SUPER weird last night! Usually she sleeps back by the bedrooms, but she was out in the living room... mmhmm. I think she could sense that she was going to the groomer... maybe, just maybeee...

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